A new network of information-payment terminals in public health care facilities will appear in Kyiv

The decision to determine the winner of the tender for attracting the investor to the implementation of the investment project “Arrangement of information software and technical complexes of self-service and the creation of the appropriate infrastructure for health care facilities of communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv” was adopted by the standing competition commission on attraction of investors and approved by the relevant order of the Kyiv city state administration.

According to the results of the investment tender, the winner – “AVTOBANK” LLC offered a contribution to the development of social, engineering and transport infrastructure of the city in the amount of 415 000 UAH.

According to the basic conditions of investment tender, the winner of the tender will finance all costs associated with the installation of terminals and the creation of appropriate infrastructure for public health care institutions in the amount of 11 209 700.00 UAH.

Implementation of the project will allow to track the in online-mode the volume of financial flows paid to municipal health care facilities, in particular, for paid services and donations. In addition, healthcare facilities can significantly save money through the introduction of electronic medical check-ups and reception offices.

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