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XVII INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FORUM will be held on November 20 – 23, 2018 in International Exhibition Centre of Kyiv

International Industrial Forum – 2018 is the main event of the Ukrainian machine-building industry.

The International Industrial Forum includes specialized exhibitions in the field of metalworking, mechanical engineering and related fields, as well as a vast program of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, presentations carried out by participants of the Forum.

The participants in the exhibition are the leading industrial enterprises of Ukraine and abroad. Annually during the forum, the latest industrial technologies, equipment, tools, components, services are presented.

Within the framework of the forum:

International specialized exhibitions:

– Metalworking (metalworking technologies and equipment)

– UkrUsedTech (secondhand equipment and machinery)

– UkrFoundry (foundry equipment and technologies)

– UkrWelding (technologies, equipment and materials)

– Hydraulics. Pneumatics

– Bearings

– UkrPromAutomation (automation of the manufacture, the automated control systems of technological processes, automation of objects of the industry)

– Hoisting and Transporting, Storehouse Equipment

– Patterns, standards, and instruments (controlling and measuring instruments, laboratory and testing equipment, metrology and certification)

– Industrial safety (protection facilities and working area safety)

Organizer: International Exhibition Center Ltd.


Ukraine, Kyiv, International Exhibition Center

Brovarsky avenue, 15, metro station “Livoberezhna”


tel.: +38 (044) 201-11-65, 201-11-58


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In November, the Investment Forum of Kyiv-2018 will take place in the capital

On the 27th of November 2018, Kyiv will host the annual Investment Forum to unite innovators, inventors and pioneers in business and science. Over its 3-year history, Kyiv Investment Forum has become a large-scale platform for common projects of the city authorities, business community and civil society. The main topic of this year is innovation. Forum participants will come together to discuss how to contribute to the city’s development and attract investments, with particular focus on the following issues:
  • Ecosystem of Innovations: education – science – business. Innovations commercialization and transfer of technologies
  • What can the city offer to inventors and innovators? Nationwide and municipal programs in Ukraine
  • Financial tools for innovations: what commercial sector can offer? Risks and benefits for investors
  • Investing into innovations: how the investors see it
  • Made in UA: cases from Ukraine
Thematic sections will focus on ІТ, software|hardware|R&D centers, fin-tech innovations, innovations in the healthcare and pharmacology.
The speakers of Kyiv Investment Forum-2018 include:
  • Vitaliy Klitschko, Kyiv Major
  • Oksana Markarova, acting Minister of Finances of Ukraine
  • Yulia Kovaliv, Head of Office National Investment Council of Ukraine
  • Volodymyr Stavnyuk, Chairman of the Board of The State Finance Institution for Innovations (SFII)
  • Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
  • Oleksandr Nesterenko, СЕО ARTKB (industrial design)
  • Dmytro Ovcharenko, СЕО Alcor (R&D center opening in Ukraine)
  • Kira Rudik, СОО of Ring Ukraine Company
  • Vitaliy Cherniuk, Directorate of Innovation and Technology Transfer, Head of Expert Group on Communications and Strategic Planning, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Partners: American Chamber of Commerce, Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies, Holiday Inn Kiev Hotel, Interfax-Ukraine, Ukrainian Week, Hromadske radio, Business Ukraine, Ukraine Crisis Media Center.
Click here for online registration:
Background information:
Kyiv Investment Forum-2017 united more than 650 representatives of businesses, investors, diplomats, national and city authorities, international financial institutions and mass media from 19 countries –Austria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Georgia, Moldova, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Germany, UK, Ukraine and others. 
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A new network of information-payment terminals in public health care facilities will appear in Kyiv

The decision to determine the winner of the tender for attracting the investor to the implementation of the investment project “Arrangement of information software and technical complexes of self-service and the creation of the appropriate infrastructure for health care facilities of communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv” was adopted by the standing competition commission on attraction of investors and approved by the relevant order of the Kyiv city state administration.

According to the results of the investment tender, the winner – “AVTOBANK” LLC offered a contribution to the development of social, engineering and transport infrastructure of the city in the amount of 415 000 UAH.

According to the basic conditions of investment tender, the winner of the tender will finance all costs associated with the installation of terminals and the creation of appropriate infrastructure for public health care institutions in the amount of 11 209 700.00 UAH.

Implementation of the project will allow to track the in online-mode the volume of financial flows paid to municipal health care facilities, in particular, for paid services and donations. In addition, healthcare facilities can significantly save money through the introduction of electronic medical check-ups and reception offices.

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Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv will host the VII International Architectural Forum organized by Commercial Property magazine on 15th of June

Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv will host the VII International Architectural Forum organized by Commercial Property magazine on 15th of June.
The International Architectural Forum is an annual B2B event, bringing together Ukrainian and foreign professionals in the field of architecture and design, real estate, construction and adjacent segments.
Commercial Property magazine successfully hosted six International Architectural forums for the last six years. The event proved to be effective and became the platform for the demonstration of modern trends and get acquainted with advances in architecture and development, training and exchange of experience, as well as establishing business contacts.
The program of the International Architectural Forum includes reports from foreign and Ukrainian architects, discussions and case-marathons – short 5-minute speeches of practical orientation on a certain topic. Traditionally, at the end of the event, participants enjoy informal conversations at the Cocktails & Conversations private party.

For ticket purchases and sponsorship:
+38 063 641 53 18
+38 099 932 85 46

For reference.
Commercial Property is a leading publication in the field of commercial real estate of Ukraine. For 15 years, the Commercial Property team monthly provides its readers with up-to-date information on the commercial real estate market, objective analytical materials on trends in market development.
Mission of the Forum:
The mission of the International Architectural Forum is to spread of advanced architectural ideas among Ukrainian professionals.
Forum objectives:
– Demonstration of advanced trends in modern architecture.
– Introduction of the architects of Ukraine with their international colleagues, exchange of experience.
– Familiarization of real estate professionals in Ukraine with the achievements of architectural and design skills, works of Ukrainian and international architects and urbanists.
– Creating a platform for communication and establishing partnerships between Ukrainian and international companies.
– Creation of a platform for discussing the trends and factors that determine the development and change of the architecture of individual buildings and cities in general.

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International Exhibition in Indonesia

According to the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Indonesia, the International Trade, Tourism and Investment Exhibition “APKASI Otonomi Expo-2018” will be held in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia from July 6 to July 8, 2018. The exhibition is one of the largest in the field of trade, tourism, investment and regional development, during which participants have the opportunity to become acquainted with the potential of the provinces of Indonesia. It is expected that the event will be attended by companies operating in the following sectors: tourism, energy, mining, industrial, agricultural, IT and others.
We invite domestic companies to participate in the international exhibition “APKASI Otonomi Expo – 2018”.
More on the official website of the exhibition.

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Statement by Oleg Mistuque, General Director of the “Kyiv Investment Agency”

Many people, during the wave of enthusiasm in the summer of 2014, decided to devote themselves to reforms and occupied key posts in the state and municipal sectors. They had a serious task ahead – setting a new format for the country’s organization on the principles of honesty and transparency. After devoting more than a year of their lives to set the pace for reforms, most of them returned to the private sector.

For the almost four years I have dedicated myself to serving the municipality. Approaches have been changed regarding working with private investors and international financial organizations both for the country and the city. With the efforts of the government and the KMDA team, the financial position of the city was straightened: the debt was restructured and processes were activated to attract long-term low-cost financing to infrastructure projects that are so necessary for the city.

The city opened up to the international financial community, the practice of publishing annual reports was introduced, the city’s strategy was updated, diagnostics were carried out for more than 25 projects with appropriate recommendations to the city to improve its activities in many sectors, for which I would like to express special gratitude to the governments of Western Europe and The United States, the EBRD, and the World Bank.

Simultaneously, regarding the long and not-always-easy process of transforming the functioning of the municipality, I want to thank the team of the Kiev Investment Agency for the practical application of the principles of transparency, honesty and openness for investors, which were declared by me as the general director, in the form of 26 transactions with a budget of more than 2 billion UAH in which investors decided to become partners with the “renovated” municipality. I would also like to thank all those who supported the anticorruption that we brought in, working for the benefit of the people of Kiev and the development of the city, helping it to regain its position in the world.

Last but not least, the reason for much of this success was the launch of a new investment process that we developed together with Transparency International, Renaissance Foundation, Deloitte and Ward Howell in accordance with the world’s best practices in the field of public-private partnerships, which ensured the independent and unbiased functionality of the “internal investment bank” of the municipality, regardless of the political winds.

Gratitude is also due to the consolidated efforts on the part of KMDA, the government, and international financial organizations that have been partners in the preparation of major transport and infrastructure projects.

Concerning the management of these outcomes and the elaboration of the above achievements, the institutional capacity and experience of the young team of the Kiev Investment Agency has grown substantially. This team came with me in 2014 without the slightest previous experience in the public sector. I am confident that the successful example of the work of KIA will continue to be a guide for talented and fearless young people.

Many things require attention on the private sector side, especially in the area of attracting new investments, and strategic partnerships with global business and the financial community.

Goodbye, and make Ukraine Great! 🙂

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Kyiv City State Administration announces a competition to attract investors

Kyiv City State Administration announces investment competitions for attracting investors to the implementation of the project “Complex of measures for the improvement and arrangement of public transport stops in the city of Kyiv” (lots 12,14-21,24-28).

Terms and conditions of the competition

The competition documentation is submitted to the participants of the contest at the following address: 01044, Kyiv, 36 Khreshchatyk street, room 620, tel. 202-76-78, 202-79-34, 202-72-60 (Monday – Friday from 10.00 to 16.00) within 30 (thirty) days from the day of the announcement of the competition if there is a document confirming payment of the registration fee.

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European investors will build a private school for 200 million UAH

The Kyiv City Hall signed an investment agreement with LLC “AR Education” on the construction of a private school in the Obolonsky district of the capital.

The volume of investments in the construction of the school will amount to 200 million hryvnia. According to the project, the educational institution will be located on the territory of 2.2 hectares at Prospekt Heroes of Stalingrad 10V and will accommodate 660 students.

“We received applications from two foreign investors who presented their vision of a modern private school in the capital. And by the decision of the investment commission, the right to build was obtained by a company with European investments, which made the best offer for the city. We are proud that today these are not just investments in the construction of the school, and above all – investments in the qualitative education of future generations, ” said Oleg Mistuque, General Director of the Kyiv Investment Agency.

The investment of UAH 15.1 million attracted from the investment agreement to the Kyiv budget will be further aimed at creating the social and engineering infrastructure of the capital.

According to Mikhail Oliynyk, Director of LLC “AR Education”, the project of the school is at the stage of designing. Construction is planned to begin in 12 months, and the introduction of the school into operation – after 5 years, in accordance with the terms of the investment agreement.

The investment competition was conducted by the Department of Economics and Investments in accordance with the order of the Kyiv City State Administration dated March 6, 2015, No. 208 “On conducting an investment competition for attracting an investor to the construction of a private secondary school in the 3 rd neighborhood of the Obolon housing estate on the Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad, 10-В Obolonsky district “. The results of the investment contest are approved by the order of the Kyiv city state administration dated December 28, 2017, No. 1703.

For reference

Kyiv Investment Agency is a municipal company, an executive body created and subordinated to the Kyiv City State Administration. The agency provides growth of direct revenues to the budget of Kyiv and investments for the implementation of infrastructure and other projects. The Agency’s mission is to create a single window of interaction between the city municipality and the investor, advisory support, monitoring compliance and a transparent investment process for all parties.

LLC “AR Education” (Kiev) is part of the Agro-region group of companies, which since 2007 is in 100% ownership of the Swedish investment company EastCapital. EastCapital is one of the largest investment companies in Western Europe, has many years of experience in the field of commercial real estate, owns and manages the leading real estate funds in the Baltic countries with a total value of 600 million euros.

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Kyiv will present to investors tourism infrastructure projects at the Forum in September

The city authorities will present to the international and Ukrainian business community the priorities of the city development and investment projects that will promote the future of Kyiv as an international tourist destination.
The forum will be held on September 26 at the Parkovy congress and exhibition center. The focus of the event will be investment opportunities for the development of the Kyiv islands for recreation and sports, reconstruction of the historical part of Podol, as well as the investment potential of the city for business tourism, film industry, etc.
The event will be attended by about 500 representatives of business circles, investment community, government, media, and more. The task of the event is to establish business contacts between the business, the municipal authorities and potential investors for the implementation of joint projects.
Kyiv Investment Forum is an annual international event, the main purpose of which is to attract investments for the development of the city.
Among the partners of the Forum are Mastercard, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, European Business Association, Channel 5, Interfax-Ukraine, Gromadske Radio, Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, Business Ukraine magazine.
Forum website

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Attention! Investment competition for construction of preschool educational institution in Darnytskyi district is announced

The competition is held in accordance with the decision of the Kyiv City Council dated May 24, 2007 No. 528/1189, orders of Kyiv City State Administration from 22.10.2007 number 1403 “On approval of the permanent tender committee to attract investors to finance construction, reconstruction, restoration etc. of residential and non-residential, construction, engineering and transport infrastructure of Kyiv” (as amended) and March 6, 2015 No. 216 “On conducting an investment competition for attracting an investor to the construction of a preschool educational institution on the land plot number 38 in 8 districts of Pozniaky housing estate in Darnytskyi district.”

The estimated cost of construction is 54 million 166 thousand UAH. The customer of construction and preparatory (pre-investment) works is ME “Kyiv Investment Agency”.